Digital TV:
What? You havenít obtained your digital TV connection. Than do it as quick as possible because by the end of 2012 you wonít be able to watch any channel on your TV as all channels will turn to digital TV format and many has already turned to it. So donít be the late comer, just check our digital TV packages which we have gathered here for you and experience digital TV and by comparing prices of various providers you can also save money along with getting digital TV connection. We maintain list of leading digital TV provider so that you can compare all packages at one place.


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Sky TV

All Sky TV offers meet with Sky+, if you possess a compatible Sky box, so you can have a little stop, rewind and record your liking shows and you will get the hugest Catch Up TV service on demand, along with BBC iPlayer, Sky Atlantic and more. Make Record shows and series wherever you have been with the Sky+ app and watch TV on the move with Sky Go.


Here you can select your options for having terrestrial TV and have suggestion on reception and equipment. You can also seek out more about the channels existance vis an aerial at your address by applying the coverage checker above.


We trust that anyone should get the chance to watch great TV for free. therefore Freeview is all about. All you must do, is to purchase either a digital box, Freeview+ digital TV recorder or digital TV with Freeview developed-in. That is simple, there are no strings attached and no registrations

Top Up TV

matchlessly on DTT, Top Up TV presents a completely integrated Conditional Access (CA) capability for pay channels operators and can integrate the CA head end with subscriber arrangement services.


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Does everyone have to switch to digital TV?

Well the answer is yes! Most of the channels are now broadcasting in digital format and by the end of 2012 all channels will terminate their analogue transmission, so sooner or later everyone has to switch to digital TV.

Do I have to buy a new TV?

No, absolutely not! As almost every TV can be converted with a digital box, even black and white ones and televisions without scart sockets. Your television needs to have either a scart or RF input. Unfortunately if your television does not have either of these inputs it cannot be converted to receive digital television.

Most, but not all, digital boxes come with scart sockets so make sure you check if you television has one. If your TV was made after 1996 it will have a scart socket. If your TV does not have a scart socket, you can purchase a digital box that connects to the RF input (aerial socket) on your television.