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Benefits of home phone:

A home phone is accessible to anyone in the home who needs and is more reliable. A landline or home phone offers a more stable connection and clearer calls in addition to that home phones are safer too as compare to mobile. These are less expensive and you will never run out of credit while talking using home phone. Whereas; there are two types of home phone lines are available in UK.

BT landlines
Cable landlines

How does home telephone line rental work?

When you get a home telephone, you have to rent your landline from a telephone provider for a monthly charge. You can just pay basic line rental each month, or add a tariff that includes free telephone calls, texts, broadband or other services.

How much should a telephone call from a landline cost?

There's no set rate for a particular telephone call - you'll pay a different amount depending on the provider and tariff that you choose.