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In this section of Compareandsaving.com we bring you different deals from insurer which usually being offered for a specific period of time, on the other hand this section also contains special offers which we have obtained only for the customers/users of Compareandsaving.com. We are continuously working to provide you more and more special products and discounted offers so that you can save your money and time. Because our aim is to let you save through comparison.

Buy Mobile Phone Insurance

Buy Mobile Phone Insurance isn’t your typical insurance company. We are a quality insurance provider run by phone enthusiasts for phone users. We have seen how the insurance industry is built around serving itself and does everything it can to deny claims. We're going to be different.


We present a wide range of market leading products paired with our devoted to the best clients service. More than 5,000 committed staff are available across over 120 offices, our knowledge centres, in the UK, providing most clients easy approach to a reliable group with real product knowledge and expertise.

Young driver insurance

If you have passed your driving test, Falicitation! As a Young driver, you would start learning very swiftly that there are a big number of prices linked with driving a car, for instances buying the vehicle, servicing and repairs, MOT, road tax, petrol, and definitely the largest expense of all being car insurance


Being fit and healthy must be at the zenith and although a few people remain with the NHS for any medical need for people this is not only this but Private health insurance is a rife beseeching for everyone which need to be in total hand of their medical requirements and there are so many ways

American Express home insurance

American Express Home Insurance offers optional cover for your home and contents. With two status of cover and a range of exceptional extras for instances Legal Expenses and Home Emergency cover, you can sculpture your home insurance policy to your requirements


Over three decades ago, a team of veterinarians combined together with an aim in mind to help pets. Those pioneers wished to make satisfaction for pet owners everywhere could handle the better possible veterinary cure for their pets, and VPI Pet Insurance was born.

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How can I calculate the premium?

Insurers are professional risk takers, which mean they know the probability of different types of risk happening so they can calculate the premiums needed to create a fund large enough to cover likely loss payments.
Clearly, only a proportion of policyholders will make a claim in any one period. So, an insurer will take two important factors into account when calculating the premium it will charge. Firstly, how likely it is in general terms that someone will need to claim and secondly, whether the person who wants to take out the policy is a bigger or smaller risk than the 'average' policyholder.
Take three examples. In motor insurance, a young person with a high-powered car, or a driver with a long history of accidents will pay a higher premium than a mature and experienced driver with a car with a smaller engine who has not had an accident before. The risk is greater, so the premium is higher.
The level of premium is also affected by the insurance company's desire to target a particular section of the market. So, if an insurer wants to encourage younger drivers to buy insurance from it, it may decide to undercut the premiums charged by some of its rivals.