Prepaid card:
Are you unable to get a credit card? Are you looking for a prepaid card provider? Are you afraid of being overcharged by the company? Don’t know which company would suit you? Well don’t panics we have brought solutions of you problem. At this site you can compare deals from number of prepaid card providers along with their prices so that you can not only save money on your prepaid card but can avoid being overcharged by providers. Whereas; prepaid card also function as credit card with only difference that in prepaid card your credit is limited to the amount you have deposited. If you are willing to buy one than do compare their prices as this will help you to save money and we know saving money means a lot to you.
Optimum Card
Once you've registered for the Optimum Rewards® program, you can expect to receive your Optimum Rewards card within 3-4 weeks. You'll still be able tak.

Freedom Eagle Cash Card - Pay As You Go

The Freedom Eagle Cash Card Pay as You Go Prepaid MasterCard is make promotions via Freedom and is presented via MasterCard. share all Freedom Credit Cards or apply for the Freedom Eagle Cash Card Pay as You Go Prepaid MasterCard now.

cashplus Gold Activeplus

presenting a safe, fast and easier path to pay for things online, on the phone or in stores is important these days and therefore prompted us to be the 1st general reason prepaid card provider to launch in UK.

Blue Sky Prepaid MasterCard - Pay As You Go

Get enjoyment the advantages of a Blue Sky Prepaid MasterCard today! with no credit application. You are not needed to get a bank account and you can take your wages or advantsge paid directly onto your card. As an added bonus you never get to pay a booking fee with Ryan Air when booking flights applying your Blue Sky Prepaid MasterCard


Kalixa Group has got three products Kalixa Accept, Kalixa Pro and Kalixa Pay, that is generally all places of the payments chain covered. We have been transforming electronic payments via our unique, simple, handsome and secure solutions, that offer our clients the power to grow and admit payments allwhare at any time any way.

Orange Cash

In a short the Orange Cash prepaid MasterCard® is a card that can be added with cash and applied just as a debit card, online and in the shops. It is just like having cash in your pocket but better, with rewards as you spend and maintain peace of mind.

Benefits you can get with!

What are the benefits of prepaid credit card?

You will never become a debtor using prepaid cards, as only transactions up to the balance loaded onto the prepaid account will be allowed. Therefore, you can only spend what you have paid in! Most prepaid card providers enable you to manage your account online or via an interactive voice response telephone service. So, you are always within easy reach of your balance. As it’s your own money, and not credit, there are no interest charges, late payment or over limit fees. In actual fact, you don’t even need to be 18 to apply for one!
You are in complete control of your funds, and do not need to carry around large sums of cash! In most cases, if your card gets lost or stolen, your remaining balance will be transferred across to a new account, and you will receive a replacement card.