Saving accounts:
What? Are you stowing your money in your cookie jar or mattress? Why? For saving? Than saving account would be a better option for you as these accounts will not only help you in saving but the bank or financial institution where you would deposit your money for saving will also pay you a small interest rate on your money which you surely won’t receive by keeping your money at home. Here at we bring you complete information of saving accounts providers, you can compare them to choose maximum rate of interest with the condition that you feel comfortable for you.

post office Instant Saver

Instant Saver offers a splendid savings rate that has a 0.90% Gross rates does not get into account deductions of income tax. fixed bonus for the 1st twelve months.

citi Reward Saver Issue

Interest rates earn (AERs) : 0.25% AER, 0.25% gross/p.a.* variable from the date your account is set up.

natwest Young Saver

If you have been getting money away for a problem day, or saving for something specific our Instant Saver account provides you flexible savings which you can approach whenever you require it.

Tesco Saving

You will be progressive to approach your savings account in 7 days a week online. No sitting in call line or waiting for the bank to open.

smile no-notice savings

If you have been over sixty-five and still require to pay tax on your income, you can be paying a lot. You can be allowed for a exclusive 10% tax rate on your savings income.

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What is a saving account?

A savings account typically refers to an account in which one places money to earn a small amount of interest. Savings account funds are usually easily accessible, though some banks do charge for withdrawing money early. In most cases, people can withdraw money from a savings account at any time, at least at any time the bank is open, or one has access to the bank’s ATM.

The term "bank" is used here loosely. Not only banks, but also credit unions, and money market funds companies can offer a savings account to customers. In addition to earning interest on your deposits, the savings account also provides a safe place to put your money.

You will need to shop around for a savings account that offers the best interest rates.