Why to choose broadband?

Broadband is designed for those people who want more from their internet connection other than just simple and time taking browsing. Using a broadband connection enables you to send and receive information/data much faster than traditional modem and telephone. If you are new to broadband, than possibly your provider will need to set-up a phone line connection before you go online, other than that you could get broadband connection via cable or satellite. It makes use of internet much faster, easier and efficient whether at home, school or business. More people are turning towards broadband around the world and thousands of people from all around UK are saving money by comparing price to find the broadband deals which suits and cater their needs.

Broadband Genie

Broadband Genie is one of the longest running broadband comparison websites.


ONSPEED is the way to wake up your dial up, transform a narrow band dial up connection to near broadband speeds. There are no wires or engineers,
converting your listings into xml data feeds for easy and affordable upload to the websites of your choice. Property listings, car listings, jobs listings….

At the plateform of, we view you all the best broadband package offers on the market, show with all the important features highlighted so that you can select the better internet presenter and broadband package swiftly and simply.

Just easy still strong business broadband, having no compromise on quality&standard. Matchless value all inclusive business broadband and calls, at a fixed cost you can trust in. Having No bill worries.

Assist in saving and protecting your home from dodgy sites and internet baddies with Sky Broadband Shield. Select the age categories and potections features to design your requirements. Bravely save your home from malware-infected phishing websites applying Sky Broadband Shield, along with at no extra price for Sky Broadband clients.

No requirements to move finding for wifi. select a 3G or 4G dongle to connect your laptop to the internet when you are out and about. Or have an O2 Pocket Hotspot, and generate your own wifi hotspot to connect your tablet, laptop or any other wifi make able gadgets. Move online with up to 5 devices.

Broadband Genie presents a location where consumers can be taught about home broadband, mobile broadband, tablet PCs and smartphones . But more essentially you can also get broadband presenters in an unbiased, independent, plain English atmosphere


Do I need a broadband connection?

Yes! You do because broadband connection has now become amenity for nearly every household in UK. It allows you to connect to the internet whenever you want. Traditional old modem and telephone internet time is over now. Web sites are designed in a way to attract more and more audiences using high resolutions and graphics, you would not be able to easily view such interactive websites on dial-up. On the contrary broadband let you download videos, music, games, software etc and it does not cost much if compare with its price whereas; broadband prices are dropping down rapidly as competition between ISPs are growing every day.